Design Development: Citroën e-Méhari

Citroën e-Méhari sketch by Fred Angibaud

Citroën’s e-Méhari is a modern electric car that recalls the original Méhari, the much-loved French beach car of the 1960s.

Similarities between the two cars run deeper than plastic bodywork. Both arrived under Citroën’s wing after being dreamed up and developed outside the company.

Based on an electric jeep called the Bolloré Bluesummer, today’s e-Méhari was given a thorough redesign before donning its double-chevron badge. I interviewed Fred Angibaud, the designer responsible for the car’s new look, for an article commissioned by Car Design News.

Key quote
“I love the South of France and I was thinking all the time: what would I want to drive in Provence?”
Frédéric Angibaud, senior exterior designer, Citroën