Engineering journalism

Engine testing at Millbrook

I wrote a story entitled “Keep it Real?” for Engine Technology International, looking at the continuing importance of physical testing in engine development and the evolving capabilities of computer simulation.

I interviewed technical experts from car manufacturers Ford and Volvo as well as engineers working on both real and simulated testing at specialist firms Horiba Mira, Intertek, Millbrook and FEV Group.

Nissan Zeod experimental Le Mans car

Kinetic energy recovery systems have become a fundamental part of top tier racing since KERS debuted in Formula 1 in 2009. Professional Motorsport World commissioned an article looking ahead to the future of regeneration technology.

I interviewed three experts. Paul McNamara, technical director at Williams Advanced Engineering, outlined how Formula E technology might evolve in the future. Professor Andrew Atkins, global technical lead & senior technologist at Ricardo, discussed the past and future of ERS in F1. And Arnaud Martin, director of powertrain at racing technology firm RML Group, talked about his work designing the Nissan ZEOD RC (pictured), which completed a racing lap at Le Mans entirely on regenerated energy.