Design journalism

Ford Focus interior sketch

I edit Interior Motives magazine, a quarterly print publication read by professional car designers around the world.

For the Summer 2018 edition I wrote about the design of the Ford Focus interior, interviewing Amko Leenarts, design director for Ford of Europe, as well as chief interior designer Ernst Reim and colour and materials chief designer Sonja Vandenberk.

Mercedes A-Class sketch

In February 2018, Mercedes launched the fourth generation of its A-Class hatchback. I reported on the launch for Car Design News – putting questions to Daimler chairman Dieter Zetsche in a roundtable and quizzing chief design officer Gorden Wagener after the car was revealed.

I also spotted a couple of key designers chatting to each other at the back of the room: Achim Badstübner, Mercedes’ head of exterior design; and Mark Fetherston, exterior design team leader for the new car. Their comments gave the resulting story a lot more value for the CDN audience.

Lynk & Co 01

For the Winter 2016/17 edition of Interior Motives I profiled the creation of the Lynk & Co 01, the first product from a new automotive company created by Geely, the Chinese owner of Volvo. I interviewed Jenny Deimer, Lynk & Co’s design director for colour and materials, and Simon Padian, interaction design director.