Interior Motives: Riversimple Rasa

7 April 2017

Interior Motives: Riversimple Rasa

Interior Motives magazine commissioned an in-depth feature looking at the development of the Riversimple Rasa hydrogen car, with a particular focus on the cabin. I interviewed the car’s designer, Chris Reitz, who was formerly design director at Alfa Romeo and has worked on a host of successful cars including the Fiat 500, VW Lupo and Audi A2.

Reitz and Riversimple kindly provided many early concept designs and sketches that provided a fascinating insight into some of the ideas explored during the creation of the prototype car.

Key quote
“We had one proposal where we eliminated almost all the dashboard, so you felt like you were in a helicopter. The space impression was incredible but everybody felt the same thing – it did not communicate any safety.”
Chris Reitz, design director, Riversimple


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