Autonomy examined: Sedric self-driving car

VW Group Sedric sketch

Peter Wouda, vehicle design director at Volkswagen Group’s Future Center Europe, and Andrew Hart-Barron, head of interior design at the same establishment, were in London for a day in late April. I managed to collar them for 90 minutes, first thing in the morning, to discuss their recently revealed Sedric concept car.

Sedric is a vision for fully autonomous vehicle – the name Sedric is a contraction of self-driving car. It’s the first concept car produced under the umbrella of the Volkswagen Group, rather than one of the brands it owns such as Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Seat, Skoda or VW.

I produced a piece for Car Design News examining the thinking behind the car from an interior, exterior and user experience perspective.

Key quote
“We started with almost a cube, but then we realised ... people need to know which direction it’s going to move, so we added a little wedge, a front angle and a push from the rear”
Peter Wouda, vehicle design director, VW Group Future Center Europe