Sponsored article for Stahl

Coloured leather samples at Stahl

Car Design News commissioned a sponsored article for its client Stahl, a chemicals company that creates a huge variety of coatings for leather, synthetics and other surfaces. The company aims to meet demand from manufacturers and their customers who want car interiors that are stain-resistant, free of squeaks and rattles, and remain in good shape for decades.

I travelled to Stahl’s Automotive Centre of Excellence at Waalwijk in the Netherlands and spent a day with the company’s experts. The centre fulfils a bundle of different functions, acting as a workshop, prototype factory, testing laboratory and educational establishment.

With the resulting sponsored article I tried to communicate the company’s marketing messages while still telling an honest, interesting and useful story for CDN’s readers.

Key quote
“There’s a lot of focus now not simply on JD Power, or the initial perceived quality, but on what we can do over a 10-year period”
Mel Micham, Global Automotive Product Manager for elastomer and adhesive coatings, Stahl