The disruptive impact of EV startups

Padmasree Warrior

Electric & Hybrid magazine asked me to write a feature examining the rise of electric car startups, and the impact they are having on traditional car manufacturers.

To get the story from the startup’s perspective I interviewed Lewis Horne, chief executive of Swedish EV startup Uniti, and Dr Nico Sergent, powertrain architect at Wales-based Riversimple. I also secured comment by email from Padmasree Warrior, chief development officer and US chief executive of Shanghai-based electric car contender NIO.

Dr Timo Möller, head of the Future Center for Mobility at consulting company McKinsey, provided an informed neutral perspective, while the scene was set by Daimler’s head of strategy, Wilko Stark, who spoke extensively on the threats to existing car makers at a recent conference.

Key quote
“If you gave me a billion dollars and said, invent the stupidest electric car possible, I don’t think I could come up with anything worse than today’s futile EVs”
Lewis Horne, chief executive, Uniti