Citroën project design director Andrew Cowell interviewed

Andy Cowell

Citroën is part way through the process of rolling out a new generation of cars with a distinctive design language. It combines soft, rounded forms, crossover cues such as plastic cladding, a floating or semi-floating roof and a distinctive lighting treatment at the front.

I interviewed Andy Cowell, a senior designer at Citroën, to explore the thinking behind the design language and a selection of related issues. For example, how Citroën designers respond to working in the same studio space as their colleagues from Peugeot and DS Automobiles.

Key quote
“I don’t think you need to put designers in a little box so they can’t see what’s going on next door... it’s good to have healthy competition, it motivates everyone at the same time”
Andrew Cowell, project design director, Citroën