The inside story of the Bollinger Motors B1

Bollinger B1 design sketches by Ross Compton

Car Design News asked me to write a quick story about the Bollinger Motors B1, a freshly unveiled battery-electric SUV with extremely boxy but by no means unattractive styling.

As a potential competitor to Tesla, Bollinger succeeded in attracting plenty of attention but of course most coverage simply rehashed the press release or quoted remarks made at the unveiling event. CDN needed its own story focused on the design thinking behind the new truck.

I had a lucky break – founder and CEO Robert Bollinger is a CDN subscriber and was very happy to spend an hour on the phone telling me about the fascinating backstory of the B1. I couldn’t include all of his account in my CDN story, but you can read most of what we talked above via a Q&A article posted on my GreenMotor blog.

Ross Compton, the young British designer who worked on the B1’s interior and exterior, also kindly spent some time with me describing the development of the vehicle and how the unique opportunities and constraints of the project led to its arresting look.

Key quote
“The idea was simple, straightforward: I wanted rivets and I wanted screws... That whole amorphous, roundy kind of stuff I just don’t like at all”
Robert Bollinger, Founder and CEO, Bollinger Motors