First sight: updated Citroen C4 Cactus

C4 Cactus facelift

To Paris, for the unveiling of the updated C4 Cactus. The previous design had pioneered “Airbumps” – large plastic panels with a decorative function as well as the practical purpose of fending off wayward shopping trolleys and outflung doors in car parks. Alas, the redesigned Cactus virtually dispensed with this particular innovation. The goal was a more grown-up feel.

At the event I cornered Fred Duvernier, exterior designer of the original C4 Cactus, who provided a philosophical verdict on the changes. They boiled down to the observation that the most important goal in car design is to appeal to customers.

Key quote
“The Cactus had Airbumps, which I’m particularly proud of, but some people hated it and some people loved it.”
Frédéric Duvernier, head of concept cars, Citroën